Show Rules and Restrictions

Safety First

The NCGCA is excited to have you attend our shows and we look forward to seeing you there. Safety is a primary concern and the following rules and regulations are in place for you, our exhibitors and the public.

Please read these carefully;


  • Compliance with all local, state and federal laws.
  • No loaded firearms for other than police or hired security allowed on the premises.
  • All vendor firearms must be unloaded, tied in a manner to prevent firing, and the magazines removed.
  • All firearms brought on the premises by the public must be checked  at the door to confirm that they are not loaded, and tied in a manner to  prevent firing and the magazines removed.
  • No loaded magazines or clips allowed.
  • No firing of firearms allowed on the premises.
  • No concealed firearms are allowed for anyone with or without a  concealed carry permit, other than police, law enforcement or hired  security.
  • All ammunition must be in sealed containers.
  • No gunsmith work allowed during shows.
  • No reloading of any ammunition allowed.
  • No display or sales of an illegal firearm or ammunition allowed.
  • No black powder allowed.
  • No vendor may display more than 5 pounds of Pyrodex and it must be in sealed containers.
  • No alcoholic beverages, whether sold, served or brought in by customers or vendors allowed.